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Content Central™ for Legal & Litigation
Content Central for Legal

The Content Central legal document management software provides an easy-to-use, browser-based access point for your information. Whether you provide legal advice, represent clients in civil or criminal cases, or run a service bureau, this enterprise content management software can be configured to perfectly fit your firm. Document Management for Legal

Benefits of Content Central

You may be part of a small firm with a handful of attorneys or a larger firm with specialists, but one fact remains: vast amounts of paper documents can be generated for any one client. Even the litigation process itself can easily create mountains of paper. In the past, firms would be required to store much of this information off site because of the lack of storage space in the office, but times have changed. A document management solution lets you easily capture these documents along with providing the tools needed to retrieve and manage them.

Download a Free Trial Content Central will catalog these documents giving you fast access through a robust, browser-based search engine while keeping them completely secure. Manage the documents as if they're still in hard-copy form with collaboration from paralegals and legal assistants, and eliminate having to make numerous copies by viewing the same document on several computers at once. Produce more and higher-quality results in less time and establish better client relationships through prompt and effective communication. Do it all from the convenience of your web browser!

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Content Central for Legal

"After exploring many options, we were sold on the support of Ademero and flexibility of Content Central."
Jay Pope
Systems Analyst
South East Area Health Education Center
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