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Print Management Software - Control Description

Print Control Policies

Maximize efficiency by enforcing policies like duplex and grey-scale printing or monthly maximums while maintaining complete adherence to your network security standards at every step.

Active Directory Integration

Integrate seamlessly with an existing Active Directory. PrintStream makes management easy as a couple of clicks! 

Print Management Software - Active Directory Integration

Pull Printing

Pull Printing ensures documents are never left unattended at a printer or MFP.
Need to print an important, eyes-only HR document? Just print from your computer then grab some coffee and mosey over to the printer, wave your mobile phone over the PaperRoute kiosk to start your print job on any networked printer of MFP in the office when the coast is clear.

Print Management Software - Pull Printing

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Tracking & Reporting with PrintStream: Print Management Software

With an industry standard of up to 3% of your gross annual revenue being spent on print resources, don’t you want to know where that money’s going?

That’s where Print Management Software comes in. With PrintStream’s tracking & reporting feature, you’ll learn quickly just where expenses are highest so you know right where to target to bring those costs down.

Track every print and copy on your printers, scanners, copiers, and MFP’s.

PrintStream’s monitoring technology captures any print job, regardless of how it was made; from a networked computer, laptop, or a mobile device. PrintStream captures every detail.

Reporting that’s customized to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for big picture data or smallest details, PrintStream’s reporting feature will get you there. Easily sort, detail, or summarize your activity for a more efficient overview of current costs and output.

Understanding where your 3% is going is the first step to getting it back.

Install PrintStream → Start Saving

PrintStream Saves Your Bottom Line

From day one you’ll see how easy it is to save… save money, save time, and save the environment.  Sign up for our early access program to be one of the first to give it a try!

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When you see the statistics, it's hard to argue. Print Costs come from so much more than paper and toner.
Percent of Company Revenue Spent to Print
Pages Printed Per Employee Per Year
Cost Multiplier for Color Over B&W
Percentage of HelpDesk Calls for Printers

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Smart and Easy...

PrintStream just works

Reduce Costs

Manage printing across departments, allocate print jobs to more cost-effective devices, and report on usage to start saving immediately.

Reduce Print Waste

Implement customized print-policies to reduce expenditures and waste with things like mandatory duplex printing, grey-scale printing, and paper preferences.

PaperRoute MFP Universal Interface Document Scanning Software

Get More Out Of PrintStream With A PaperRoute Add-On!


Simple Touch Experience

Together PaperRoute and PrintStream: Print Management Software simplify printing and scanning allowing for the same print driver experience and scanner touch screen on all devices making support and training much easier and your users more efficient.

Convert Documents to Microsoft Word and Excel

Turn your paper documents into editable Word files or Excel spreadsheets in seconds – with just one touch. 


Simplified Workflow

The average user in an average business is exposed to 5 different print driver interfaces and 10 different scan/copy interfaces making for an IT nightmare. With PaperRoute and PrintStream, your users and your IT will both be happy. 

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Security and Authentication with PaperRoute

Your company has needs and so do your employees… PaperRoute can help with fully-customizable user authentication.

Ademero Customer - Jack

Meet Jack

Jack regularly uses the office MFP to scan documents to his Dropbox account, where he manually creates Word files from the scanned images. With PaperRoute’s Scan-To-Word capabilities, Jack can quickly scan his document and let PaperRoute make quick work of a once time-consuming process.

With just one touch, Jack’s scanned document is saved as a fully editable Word .docx to his Dropbox account.

Meet Janet

Janet needs the ability to quickly scan and send to her email from the office MFP. With PaperRoute she can do it easily with one touch.  

Ademero Customer - Janet

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