A Different Kind of Number Crunching

For those in the financial industry, CapturePoint can make quick work of many forms and documents that need to be captured and sent to the appropriate person. Since CapturePoint serves as an entry point to existing security and network systems in your organization, it can be an integral part of scanning financial documents as well as processing and routing them. CapturePoint can pass them into the necessary secure environment from which they will be searched, utilized, and ultimately archived.

CapturePoint can be quickly configured to recognize (classify), index, and route appraisals, investment statements, new account paperwork, tax returns and forms, and more. Using CapturePoint is a lot like having a room full of brilliant multitasking assistants that can intelligently take every piece of printed material and get it to the proper department and person without asking any questions. Further, it will make sure that when the document or data gets there it’s searchable and indexed and ready for any next steps.

Internally, CapturePoint can help you with intra-company documents as well, ensuring you don’t lose yourself in a mountain of company documentation, correspondence, and record-keeping. More than just a step towards a paperless office, CapturePoint doesn’t necessarily change the way you do your financial business or transactions—it just makes it much more efficient.

Scanning Financial Documents


Accounts Payable / Invoices

Authorizations and Transfers

Commissions and Statements

Document Archival

HR Onboarding

Internal Correspondence

Investment Statements and Reports

Mortgage and Loan Applications


Tax Returns

Wills and Trusts

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