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CapturePoint intelligently turns your paper documents into actionable electronic ones and delivers it into essential business applications, processes, and workflows as a core component of any paperless office solution.

Flexible and scalable, CapturePoint automates the capture and indexing process based on your needs – regardless of industry or departmental requirements – without human interaction to drastically reduce costs while improving regulatory and compliance efforts within your organization.

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Automated Smart Technology

CapturePoint automatically recognizes your documents and can tell the difference between an invoice for accounts payable, a proposal submitted by a vendor, or even a group of related documents and then sorts, processes, and routes them intelligently without human interaction.

Accuracy You Can Trust

The best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in the world ensures you get all of the field values from your paper document into your digital system. Whenever there’s any doubt, CapturePoint flags the data in question so you can verify for 100% accuracy; only dealing with ‘exceptions’ that do not meet the confidence score that you set.

Consistency & Compliance

With CapturePoint, concerns about data consistency and accuracy are a thing of the past. No more fumbling fingers manually coding documents or entering mismatched, inconsistently-formatted data into every system you have. Just one intelligent capture program integrating with your existing software systems to streamline your business processes turning your dreams of a truly paperless office into reality.

Maximum ROI in Minimum Time

Ademero Software Solutions integrate with many software packages, from accounting software like QuickBooks and other ERPs to HRM Systems, and even Microsoft Office. Information can be pulled from or sent to other applications to make tasks like data entry a thing of the past; maximizing your ROI in minimum time.

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Powerful, Simple, & NO COST to Get Started!

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