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Document Indexing Service

Human expertise starting at $99/month!

Ademero’s automation technologies identify document classifications and indexing data whenever possible. For those extreme cases where our best-in-world document recognition software can’t read the information, Ademero offers Paige document indexing service. 


Highest Accuracy

Paige provides near perfect indexing for the most difficult documents that are not able to be automatically indexed. 


Free up Staff & Budget

Offload work that is not core to your business from your high paid and highly valuable staff with Paige. Our team’s full time job is to index documents which allows us to charge less than you would pay your own staff to perform the work. 

Our Software | Our Experts

Eliminate training hurdles, user mistakes, and even software bugs by allowing our experts, from the team who wrote the software, to do the work for you.


Looking for a human touch to index your documents?

Let our experts help with our Document Indexing Service, Paige!