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Complete Paperless Office Solutions

Do you want to go paperless? Here at Ademero, we understand that paperless means more than just a piece of software. It’s a whole solution and we know just how to help you bring it to your organization.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your AP woes, or a way to go paperless but still meet HIPAA compliance at your practice. Ademero’s got your back!

Read on to see just how we will help your organization go paperless in a snap!

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We’re happy to answer your questions and show you around with a quick demo… just let us know how to reach you.

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James Moses
James MosesTechnical Service Manager - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc.
We were searching for a system that would allow us to be able to e-mail with documents attached from the application, easily send out quality documents to customers, and use the software as a database for our test reports. Being able to search was key and the ability to allow access to our overseas divisions was a huge plus! With Content Central we found everything we were looking all at a reasonable cost.
Andrea Grizzle
Andrea GrizzleV.P. Clients Services - American Municipal Services
We needed digital storage of our documents and we needed them to be organized for easy retrieval throughout multiple departments. The most useful features have been the ability to create ‘hot folders’ for drag-and-drop storage, (rather than having to upload the traditional way), the easy search options, and customization fields. Content Central has been a great fit for our business!
Joe DeMarco
Joe DeMarcoIT - Rothfos Corporation
From my perspective, the implementation process was the simplest I’ve ever encountered and the software is very easy to use.
Kelly Parsons
Kelly ParsonsV.P. Firm Administrator - Nicholas Dehaven & Associates
Our tech company recommended Content Central because we were so unhappy with our DMS at the time. When we saw the ease of access from a browser and how much easier it was to search for documents, we made the switch! Content Central has streamlined our document management as well as helped us to purge old files. It’s all so much easier than the old system.
Peter LeNeau
Peter LeNeauCFO - Mount Olivet Rolling Acres, Inc.
We evaluated a couple of document management solutions with the primary focus being to get our existing and future HR paperwork into an electronic form so that it can be retrievable when requested by various licensing agencies. Since then we have expanded our use of Content Central to include client financial information, corporate contracts, historical progress notes, and copies of accounts payable checks.
IT Business Analyst
IT Business AnalystThe Topps Company
The reason we went with Ademero Paperless Office Software / Content Central Document Management Software was because of the non-modular structure, which baselined the price. Other companies we spoke to wanted to charge as much as 10 times the amount we ended up purchasing this system for. We did 18 months of research over 9 products and ended up going with Ademero. Content Central has truly been worth every penny.
Jay Pope
Jay PopeSystems Analyst - South East Area Health Education Center
Our search for a document management system started with the need to streamline our purchase requisition system. After exploring many options, we were sold on the support and features of Ademero Paperless Office Software and flexibility of Content Central Document Management Software.  This software's saved us roughly $60,000 a year! Needless to say Content Central and Ademero are heroes in the eyes of our CFO!
Aaron Gronert
Aaron GronertSystems Administrator - Stryker Orthopaedics
The advantages of Content Central Document Management Software over our previous system are significant. Probably the biggest advantage is the speed which we can now find information. We can now find an invoice with a customer on the phone, rather than having to call them back after digging through the file cabinets. Being in IT, I liked the fact that Content Central is browser based. Some of the other systems we looked at had some access via a browser, but most required a client for full functionality.
Ken Balliger
Ken BalligerDirector of Technology - Murieta Valley Unified School District
After reviewing many solutions we discovered Ademero's paperless office software product, Content Central. And, because of the success we have had implementing this software in our district, we plan to expand its use to other divisions and 'retool' their daily procedures in the coming year. Content Central is a great product, and we look forward to expanding our digital document management process to work with everything we do within our district.
Nikhilesh Nath
Nikhilesh NathCIO - MarkOne Financial
We had a physical file room that was getting out of control due to new business and our legal file-retention requirements. While we were scrambling to keep the file room organized, it was getting incredibly difficult to get the correct file to the correct person in a timely manner. I have used some of the top-rated and most expensive document management software systems at various organizations.... I am comfortable in stating that Content Central packs nearly all of their features for a fraction of the cost.
Kevin Krizan
Kevin KrizanPresident - Kevin R Krizan Insurance Agency
Installation was seamless and my IT guy said that he had never had a third-party install go so well.The technical support is first class—support reps are very hands on and can handle any problem that you can throw at them. Additionally, their chat support is very easy, and the service operators are extremely knowledgeable.Anyone that's looking for a document management software needs to contact Ademero about their Content Central program. You won't be disappointed!
Timothy Gozzano
Timothy GozzanoWindows System Administrator - Green Hills Software
Content Central, Document Management Software has provided GHS with a fully searchable, organized database of our legal, accounting, and IT documents. We chose Content Central based on the value for the feature set that would have costs thousands of dollars more elsewhere. The software is easy to support and requires very little maintenance other than an occasional software upgrade which provides new, rich features.
Sameer Saggar
Sameer SaggarIT Manager - Implant Direct
Ademero Paperless Office Software Solutions are a great way to go paperless. With such incredible programs that give you the look and feel of a Windows Explorer type view. I can quickly search from the created folders and find any document I need... it opens up in a preview and in case it's the wrong document, I can move on without having to wait to open the entire document. To me the savings in paper alone has paid off the cost of this purchase, along with the need for less file cabinets!
Brandon Blake
Brandon BlakeBusiness Manager - Hospital Without Walls
In my industry, software and technology are imperative to delivering quality services in a timely and efficient manner. Our need to have reliable, relevant, and current information available and accessible has been met through Content Central for almost two years now, and it never ceases to amaze me--not just the great product, but the service behind it. No software is great without great support, and it's hard to find a company that can deliver in both these areas. Ademero delivers.
Janae Johnson
Janae JohnsonProject Manager -
Thanks to Content Central, our payroll managers no longer need to extract batches of scanned invoices, thus saving them each an average of six hours each week of work. Searching for details in electronic documents is quick and simple with the paperless office software's OCR and search capabilities. Thanks for saving us time and money in our daily work processes and customer service!

More than just happy customers, they’re family. Contact us to speak to one of our customers from your industry.

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With everyone going green, why would you not choose Ademero for your business needs?
Sameer Saggar
IT Manager
Implant Direct
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Every business has unique needs... let us know how to reach you and we can show you just how our products can help.

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In all my experience working with software companies, I have no doubt that Ademero is setting the bar at new levels in support and dedication to its customers.
Brandon Blake
Business Manager
Hospital Without Walls
Our industry and product information knowledge base.
The technical support is first class - support reps are very hands on and can handle any problem you can throw at them.
Kevin Krizan
Farmers Insurance Group
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