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Save time, money, and space by turning your physical documents into digital ones.

Benefits of Document Scanning and Digital Storage

Considering the move to electronic documents does more than just free up office space – it takes the burden of managing thousands of records off your staff. It saves you and your employees countless hours of time handling documents each day and empowers better communication, collaboration, and flow of information through your entire organization. The benefits of moving to digital documents include:


Central Point of Access

One centralized point for accessing your documents from anywhere, even when workers are remote.


Find Documents Faster

When documents are scanned, they can be OCR’d so that they are full-text searchable in an archive or storage system like Content Central DMS.


Free Up Space

Physcial space in an office can be costly. Moving to digital documents means you gain valueable office real estate back.


Collaborate Efficiently

Automated workfows can route digital documents from one place to another, facilitating communication and collaboration across departments.


Secure Protection

Securing digital documents is less expensive and easier than doing the same for physical ones – plus it’s likely easier to meet compliance requirements too!


The Cost of Paper-Based Processes

Despite the hassle they create for employees and the vulnerability physical documents present, many businesses today still use physical copies of documents for day-to-day operations. In a paper-based office, the average employee spends up to 15% of their time reading information and 50% of their time just looking for the info they need. Each document costs $20 to file and store while it costs an additional $120 to find and/or replace misfiled documents. Plus, when documents are in a physical format, it’s hard to share them with others – especially if your workforce has gone remote. 

Check out our infographic for more stats. 


What’s your ROI?

Here’s a few additional things to ask as you calculate your ROI on the move to digital documents.


How long does it take for paperless processes to impact your bottom line?

What are your current costs on paper and printing?

What are your costs in storage space and equipment?

What personnel, business insurance, or utilities are directly related to storing physical documents? 

The cost of commercial real estate in Midtown Manhattan is roughly $73 per square foot. If you dedicate only 100 square feet to document storage, you’re spending approximately $7,300 per month, or $87,600 per year, just storing paper.

How big is the impact of going paperless on meeting compliance?

What compliance requirements are you attempting to meet? 

How much faster is it to pull access logs and provide proof to satisfy auditors? 

Have you encountered fines in the past for non-compliance? 

Non-compliance fines can reach millions of dollars depending on the violation and the compliance type. 

Do you have a document management software in place or plan to add one to house your newly-digitized documents?

Do you have a secure and compliant software solution to house your electronic documents? 

Would you benefit from having these software applications integrate with one-another? 

Does your company have paper-based workflows now?

Document management systems save businesses on more than just cost of space; they save time for every employee that handles documents on any type within your organization – streamlining entire office workflows with automation tools and aiding in collaboration across departments and 3rd party applications.

How many employee hours are you saving thanks to digital workflows?

How much time is currently spent by each employee finding information from physical documents?

Do your employees currently collaborate across offices and departments? 

How many business processes are centered around physical documents? 

Employees can spend as much as 40% of their day looking for paper files. 

Interested in our Document Scanning Services?

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