Convert Your Document Management Software

Are you stuck in an old or unsupported document management software?

Many businesses that implemented document management systems years ago with other companies are finding themselves stuck in a software that’s no longer supported, or worse - that the software creator or vendor is now out of business!

We know how hard it can be to move out of these old software systems and into something new... let alone figuring out which one you want to buy!

That's why we started our Legacy DMS Conversion program. To help businesses like yours move out of the 'old-and-busted' software you've had for years, and into a new and fully-supported software system for the cost of annual maintenance.

You read that right! You don't have to buy a whole new system! For a limited time, Ademero will convert your documents from your old system to Content Central and you pay just 20% of the cost of the software, annually.

Are you ready to convert document management software systems today?

Content Central's Powerful Features Help Your Offices:

Quickly Locate Documents & Information

Easily Set Security Permissions

Access From Anywhere Via Web Browser

Perform Quick Actions with Dashboard Widgets

Automatically Route & Approve with Workflows

Collaborate & Securely Share Documents

Audit With Document History & Versioning

Automatically Send Notifications

How's It Work?


Moving away from your old system might sound scary at first, but the expert engineers and developers at Ademero make the conversion process effortless. We'll help gather a copy of the documents and data from your old system in preparation for the conversion process.

From there, we extract the index data from your legacy database, analyzing and reforming it, all while cleaning up erroneous data that your old system created that could clutter your new system unnecessarily.


Next, we'll take the images of documents and OCR them (short for optical character recognition) in order to create fully-searchable documents in your new Content Central system.

Once documents and data are ready, we import all the newly converted documents with their corresponding index metadata into your new Content Central where you'll be able to easily locate, route, approve, and so much more.


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