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Are you stuck in an old or unsupported document management software?

Many businesses that implemented document management systems years ago with other companies are finding themselves stuck in a software that’s no longer supported, or worse – that the software creator or vendor is now out of business!

We know how hard it can be to move out of these old software systems and into something new… let alone figuring out which one you want to buy!

That’s why we started our Legacy DMS Conversion program. To help businesses like yours move out of the ‘old-and-busted’ software you’ve had for years, and into a new and fully-supported software system for the cost of annual maintenance.

You read that right! You don’t have to buy a whole new system! For a limited time, Ademero will convert your documents from your old system to Content Central and you pay just 20% of the cost of the software, annually.

Are you ready to convert document management software systems today?

Content Central’s Powerful Features Help Your Offices:


Quickly Locate Documents & Information


Access from Anywhere via Web Browser


Automatically Route & Approve with Workflows


Audit with Document History & Versioning


Easily Set User and Document Security Permissions


Take Quick Action with Dashboard Widgets


Collaborate & Securely Share Documents


Send Documents for Electronic Signatures

Customizable Dashboard

Create shortcuts to documents, searches, and frequent work areas.

The Folder Browser

Use the browser to quickly see related documents by customizable criteria like vendor or employee names, file types, or even matter numbers.

Power Search

Find exactly the right document or folder with OCR-powered full-text search and smart filtering criteria.

Capture Forms

Create a fillable form in Content Central, then share that form inside or outside your organization – submitted forms automatically generate a document inside Content Central.

View Documents

View documents inside Content Central with unmatched previewing real estate.

The Action Drawer

Perform key actions while viewing documents, like editing, sharing, or downloading – all without leaving the document preview screen.

Related Documents & Packets

Group related documents to quickly review, approve, and route related documents or even identify missing documents in a packet and be notified so you never miss an important inclusion.

Simple Integrations

Reduce redundant data entry, capture content to or from other applications, view archived documents from another app, and capture data streams with Content Central’s integrations.

Electronic Document Signatures

Send documents for signatures inside and outside of your organization while meeting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance using Content Central.

How’s It Work?


Moving away from your old system might sound scary at first, but the expert engineers and developers at Ademero make the conversion process effortless. We’ll help gather a copy of the documents and data from your old system in preparation for the conversion process.

From there, we extract the index data from your legacy database, analyzing and reforming it, all while cleaning up erroneous data that your old system created that could clutter your new system unnecessarily.


From there, we extract the index data from your legacy database, analyzing and reforming it, all while cleaning up erroneous data that your old system created that could clutter your new system unnecessarily.


Next, we’ll take the images of documents and OCR them (short for optical character recognition) in order to create fully-searchable documents in your new Content Central system.

Once documents and data are ready, we import all the newly converted documents with their corresponding index metadata into your new Content Central where you’ll be able to easily locate, route, approve, and so much more.




Need to convert from a legacy document management system?

The concept of document management software has been around since the 80’s, but not every software or appliance has had the staying-power to last through the years. If you’re using a product that’s been discontinued and are looking for a new solution – we can help. 

Doculex Legacy

DocuLex, founded in 1996, has been acquired several times over since 2013 resulting in customers left unsupported or forced to migrate document software products.


eCabinet Legacy

Ricoh Corporation created this document management appliance which was retired in 2008. eCabinet customers are moving from these discontinued appliances to other document management software.


Alchemy Legacy

In November 2008, OpenText™ acquired Captaris. Captaris has since been re-branded, becoming OpenText Fax Solutions causing customers to move to new products.


Liberty IMS Legacy

Liberty Information Management Solutions was acquired in July of 2008 by Hyland Software for its customer base and reseller channel as well as broaden its presence in the western USA and Canada.

See Why Customers Love Ademero

Ademero software solutions have been implemented for the last 2 decades to countless customers across nearly every industry around the globe. See how our solutions helped these customers improve their businesses, then contact us to see how you can do the same!

The reason we went with Ademero's Document Management Software was because of the non-modular structure, which baselined the price. Other companies we spoke to wanted to charge as much as 10 times the amount we ended up purchasing this system for. We did 18 months of research over 9 products and ended up going with Ademero. Content Central has truly been worth every penny.


The Topps Company

IT Business Analyst

Our search for a document management system started with the need to streamline our purchase requisition system. After exploring many options, we were sold on the support and features of Ademero and the flexibility of Content Central. This software's saved us roughly $60,000 a year! Needless to say Content Central and Ademero are heroes in the eyes of our CFO!


Jay Pope

Systems Analyst - Southeast Area Health Education Center

We were searching for a system that would allow us to be able to e-mail with documents attached from the application, easily send out quality documents to customers, and use the software as a database for our test reports. With Content Central we found everything we were looking for - all at a reasonable cost.


James Moses

Technical Service Manager - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc.

We needed digital storage of our documents and we needed them to be organized for easy retrieval throughout multiple departments. The most useful features have been the ability to create 'hot folders' for drag-and-drop storage, (rather than having to upload the traditional way), the easy search options, and customization fields. Content Central has been a great fit for our business!

Testimonial Item

Andrea Grizzle

V.P. Client Services - American Municipal Services

Our tech company recommended Content Central because we were so unhappy with our old DMS. When we saw the ease of access from a browser and how much easier it was to search for documents, we made the switch! Content Central has streamlined our document management as well as helped us to purge old files. It's all so much easier than the old system.

Testimonial Item

Kelly Parsons

V.P. Firm Administrator - Nicholas Dehaven & Associates

We evaluated a couple of document management solutions with the primary focus being to get our existing and futurre HR paperwork into an electronic form so that it can be retrievable when requested by various licensing agencies. Since then we have expanded our use of Content Central to include client financial information, corporate contracts, historical progress notes, and copies of accounts payable checks.

Testimonial Item

Peter LeNeau

CFO - Mount Olivet Rolling Acres, Inc.

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