Converting From a DocuLex Legacy System

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Industry Knowledge

DocuLex Archive Studio

DocuLex, founded in 1996, created several software products aimed at the document management and capture software needs of businesses around the globe with their suite, Archive Studio. The company merged with Protected Trust, a sister company to the investment group for DocuLex, in June of 2013. DocuLex was acquired by docSTAR in May of 2014, a competing software vendor recently purchased in 2017 by another competing vendor, Epicor Software Corporation.


Having changed hands several times, businesses still using DocuLex Archive Studio or any part of its suite of products, (Goby, Professional Capture, or WebSearch), have been left in a sort of limbo. Once fully supported by DocuLex in-house support, they are finding the product they’ve had for ages will need to be replaced; either forced to purchase and install docSTAR or Epicor software solutions as their maintenance contracts expire, or left to seek a completely new software to purchase altogether. Neither option seems appealing, leaving many former DocuLex customers searching for a better solution.

Many businesses, not just DocuLex customers, are finding themselves in similar situations, which is why we created our Legacy DMS Conversion Program. So that companies trapped in unsupported legacy document management software products, like DocuLex Archive Studio, could easily move from their old solutions to a new and fully-supported one.

How much does converting cost?

For a limited time with our Legacy DMS Conversion Program, you’ll be converted from your DocuLex Archive Studio software to Ademero’s Content Central document management software for the low cost of annual maintenance.

While other software vendors force you to purchase their software and pay thousands of dollars to convert documents from your old system to their new one, we’ll get you setup and converted to Content Central for the low cost of annual maintenance; 20% of the cost of the software annually. No cost for the conversion, and no hidden fees for the entire Content Central document management software system!

How does the conversion work?

Step 1

When you’re ready to start, your Ademero engineer will reach out to access or walk you through copying your existing system data and files. The first step for our engineers is to gather the SQL Database files, DTSearch index information, and the file share from your old DocuLex WebSearch System.

Step 2

Next, our engineers extract the index data from the SQL Database and DTSearch indexes. This data, once extracted will be used inside Content Central in order to make documents full-text and field-level searchable. Field-level data can also be used to help recreate the archive folder structures as you had them in your DocuLex WebSearch system.

Step 3

Once the data has been extracted, our engineers examine and OCR documents that need optical character recognition data and import both the documents and extracted data into your new Content Central system. Documents and corresponding data are now archived in your new document management system and can be located via folder browsing, full-text searching, or by doing a field-level search.

Ready to Convert to Content Central?

It’s just 20% of the cost of the software annually, to get started today.


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