Why Your Law Firm Needs Document Management Software

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Industry Knowledge, Legal

Running a law firm involves many moving parts. If you’re ready to streamline your filing system and cut down on your use of paper, then we can help.

Document Management Software For Law Offices

In a law firm, you likely handle hundreds or even thousands of documents daily, especially as you sort through evidence needed for cases and claims. Just one personal injury case can include traffic citations, medical records, witness statements, police statements, and much more. Going through all of those papers can take a lot of time–and if one gets misfiled, you could end up losing potential profitable hours looking for it–or worse, your case.
When you opt to become a paperless law firm, you can eliminate a lot of that time spent sifting through papers and case files.

Learn more about why your law firm needs document management software and how you can benefit from it.


It’s easier to conduct client intakes.

When new clients come in, you have to collect a lot of information from them. If you convert to an electronic process, they can fill out those forms on their computer and send them back to you without needing a printer or fax machine. You’ll even be able to automate this by setting up workflows to send new client packets directly to them.

Also, you can capture electronic signatures for any contracts or NDAs during the intake process. Plus, the client may feel more secure sending their personal information back to you if they know you’re using a secure filing system for their data.

Your document management software with imaging and indexing capabilities will enter that in for you, minimizing the time that your legal staff spends doing customer data entry.

Find case files fast with a simple search.

Once your files and papers are all digitized documents, you are then able to search within your legal document management system to locate any document, case, hot document, Bates number, or matter number you need. You’ll also be able to perform full-text searches to find key words or phrases. It’s much easier to find pertinent case files this way instead of pouring through hundreds or thousands of pieces of paper inside file folders or bankers’ boxes.

In any business, saving time often means you’re automatically saving money, too – but in the legal profession, it also means that you are more organized and ready for depositions and court appearances which likely wins you more cases. Saving this much time could help to make a difference in the outcome of your case, as you will likely be more organized and prepared for depositions or court appearances.

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Work More Efficiently.

With an electronic legal filing cabinet, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on helping your clients in the most efficient way possible instead of getting bogged down by unorganized piles of papers or folders. You’ll be able to focus on the aspects of the case instead of mundane file searching. You also won’t have to hire several interns to sift through those papers, and you’ll have a happier client. That happy client can easily turn into more clients with reviews and referrals to you.


Access all your files from anywhere.

While some software products only manage invoices or documents, a true legal document management system will give you the capability to access all types of files in one convenient place. This is especially important when you need all of the evidence for a case to be easily accessible while on the go. 

A cloud-based document management system will allow you to grab the files you need from any device that has access to a browser, so if you find you need a file while you’re in court or at a deposition, you can quickly pull that information.

Easily exchange files with opposing counsel and clients.

If opposing counsel requires documents for their case or discovery, then you can send those to them electronically, hopefully doing everything possible to speed the case along for your client. This way, you’ll be able to tell your client that there is nothing on your end holding up the process, and they’ll stay a happy client. Your clients can also send you files easily if you need more information from them. Instead of waiting on a signed document to come via a fax machine or even snail mail, they can send it to you almost instantly.


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