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Document Archival with CapturePoint

Document archival software can work well, or cause you additional slow downs in having to manually key in large amounts of client or customer data, dates, and job information. It’s a big deal no matter what industry you’re in. Traditionally, archival of sensitive business documents was facilitated through the use of off-site storage—a system that is both costly and inefficient. Modern offices converted much of their archival practices to digital file storage. Much of this, however, lacked the searchability and indexing required for easy retrieval of those documents—rendering these new systems incomplete and cumbersome. CapturePoint offers a different kind of document archival software solution that both automates the process, while providing for searchable, cataloged, and indexed content that can be retrieved either from the cloud or a local or remote server.

CapturePoint can work quickly to both scan and index content, and Ademero’s engineers have worked tirelessly to match our software with the industry’s latest multi-core processor hardware to ensure that your documents are not only entered into your system, but indexed at the fastest possible speeds so you can access that information when needed. Whether you have existing files that need a better document archival software solution with lower ongoing costs, or you want to simply change the way you archive data moving forward, CapturePoint can meet your needs while exceeding your vision of what a truly robust archival system can offer.


Archival to Cloud Storage

Store to Local or Off-Site Servers

World-Class OCR Engine

Automatic Classification

Automatic Indexing with Rules

Complete Hands-Off Automation

Schedule and Manually Initiate Archival Sessions

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