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HIPAA and Content Central

If you handle protected health information, (ePHI), you probably already know you need to be HIPAA Compliant – but if you don’t know what to do next, we can help.

Ready to learn all about HIPAA Compliance?

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Enterprise Workflow Engine

Any process, approval, or integration you can dream up.

Approval Processing

Built into Content Central is a powerful approval-processing engine, giving you the ability to define an unlimited number of approval processes. These electronic processes let you easily manage the stages of a document’s lifecycle by automatically moving them along workflow paths that you define.
Members of approval processes either approve or reject documents that arrive in their Approval Queue. The administrative Approval Queue lets managers view documents at all stages and provides the ability to approve, reject, and remove any documents in view.

Document Collaboration

Bring documents from a meeting directly into Microsoft Office so they can be updated. Quickly route revised documents to other team members for review and feedback. Make notes and collaborate electronically, or check documents out so they can’t be edited by others. Easily review the history of each document to audit any changes, and roll back to a previous version when necessary. When you’re ready, send the documents out for approval by the team.


No matter what you want to accomplish with your documents, Content Central’s workflow engine will fly through it. This workhorse has been fine-tuned for power and performance, and it’s capable of handling the heaviest loads with speed. Boasting an immense library of rules, including the ability to make your own rules, absolutely anything is possible.
Take advantage of decision-based routing that can evaluate properties and formulas on the fly. Send an email to a customer when an order is fulfilled, generate a weekly report on the sales numbers, or even call the boss’s cell phone when an important contract is waiting for his approval. Combined with its built-in integration with other systems, the possibilities are endless.

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Sarbanes-Oxley and Content Central

If you deal with company financials, you’re probably already aware of Sarbanes-Oxley (or SOX)… but you’re not sure what you need to do in order to be compliant… we can help!

Ready to learn all about SOX Compliance?

The Most Complete Document Management System

What’s Inside?

Inside Content Central you can create documents using PDF-based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured from document scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts, or user interaction. Content Central converts scanned images into fully searchable PDF files, and all documents can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based on the type of document. Integrated e-mail and fax tools allow you and your team to distribute documents without requiring external software. A powerful workflow engine can manage your information behind the scenes based on system events or schedules.

Best of all, you receive every feature for one affordable price, paying only by the number of users required; there aren’t any confusing add-on modules to worry about.



Content Central integrates with many software packages, from accounting software and project management applications to Microsoft Office. Information can be pulled from other applications during the capture process to make the indexing task an easy and accurate endeavor. Content Central can push information to qualifying applications using workflow rules based on events or schedules.

Give us a call to hear more about the power of QuickLinks along with our APIs and SDKs.


Content Central can be installed at your office or you can use our cloud version. Take advantage of the many benefits a browser-based application offers, including quick deployment, controlled & logged access, and remote connectivity. Administrators install Content Central on a single Microsoft Windows server or across multiple servers for performance. After user accounts have been defined, users connect from available Windows, Mac, or Linux computers on the network to view their documents of virtually any type right in the browser.



Security Features

Content Central keeps your information secure. Along with manual additions, it also has Active Directory integration.

An embedded system-event viewer lets administrators audit the actions taken by any user, including connections, searches, views, edits, and much more.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

In addition to internal use, temporary access to one or more items can be granted to outside users using Content Central’s document-sharing feature. Users with the share permission can assign items to one or more public users by providing their e-mail address in an assignment dialog. The outside users will receive complete instructions on how to access Content Central as well as the content that’s been shared.

Along with demand-based e-mailing, Content Central’s workflow engine can distribute content automatically when configured workflow events are triggered, such as a document approval or change to content.


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Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and Content Central

Enacted in 1974 to protect student education records, FERPA regulations pertain to any school that receives funds from the U.S. Department of Education…. but do you know what it takes to be compliant in the information age?

We do… let us show you how!

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Wendy Lidster
Wendy LidsterOffice Manager - Remi's Mechanical Services LTD
We have been using Content Central for over 5 years now. We chose this product due to its search mechanism. Aside from the benefits of being paperless, the system allowed us to eliminate the task of filing; eliminating that role paid for the product within 6 months! The system is user-friendly and the ability to locate files quickly and easily has been a huge asset.
Andrea Grizzle
Andrea GrizzleV.P. Clients Services - American Municipal Services
We needed digital storage of our documents and we needed them to be organized for easy retrieval throughout multiple departments. The most useful features have been the ability to create ‘hot folders’ for drag-and-drop storage, (rather than having to upload the traditional way), the easy search options, and customization fields. Content Central has been a great fit for our business!
Colleen Weber
Colleen WeberBusiness Manager - Excel Connection
We started our search in April of 2014 and purchased Content Central at the end of June that year. What was important to me was good customer support, a system that was easy to operate for employees that were not computer savvy, and security features to minimize access to documents all at a reasonable cost; we didn’t have $20k to implement a dms, pay annual fees or for different additional modules. Content Central had everything we wanted or needed at one fair price!
James Moses
James MosesTechnical Service Manager - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc.
We were searching for a system that would allow us to be able to e-mail with documents attached from the application, easily send out quality documents to customers, and use the software as a database for our test reports. Being able to search was key and the ability to allow access to our overseas divisions was a huge plus! With Content Central we found everything we were looking all at a reasonable cost.
Peter LeNeau
Peter LeNeauCFO - Mount Olivet Rolling Acres, Inc.
We evaluated a couple of document management solutions with the primary focus being to get our existing and future HR paperwork into an electronic form so that it can be retrievable when requested by various licensing agencies. Since then we have expanded our use of Content Central to include client financial information, corporate contracts, historical progress notes, and copies of accounts payable checks.

PaperRoute MFP Universal Interface Document Scanning Software

Get More Out Of Content Central With A PaperRoute Add-On!


Simple Touch Experience

Together PaperRoute and Content Central simplify printing and scanning with a universal touch interface or users can simply touch their phone to use NFC technology to automatically authenticate permissions.

Convert Documents to Microsoft Word and Excel

Turn your paper documents into editable Word files or Excel spreadsheets in seconds – with just one touch. 


Simplified Workflow

Together PaperRoute and Content Central simplify your office flow. Easily scan and send to Content Central to trigger approval processes, view catalogs, index, and route your documents to keep your office moving right from the office MFP.


Ready to see what PaperRoute’s all about? Let us know where to reach you and we’ll send one your way to try for 7-days at no cost to you!


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