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Focus on Education, Not Forms

Educational institutions increasingly have to deal with lots and lots of forms. From enrollment to authorization and release forms, the number of opportunities for automating education administration and increasing workplace efficiency are nearly limitless.

CapturePoint does everything from automating the yearly and daily form processing needs of a school or educational facility to making it easier to get student records into a digital format that meets the requirements of federal, state, and local record keeping guidelines. Then there is the business of education administration, including handling the many accounts payable invoices and requisition forms.

For larger institutions, CapturePoint Copier Edition can help by standardizing all capture devices to a simplified interface, allowing for faster, easier capture of documents to the centralized system. And for higher education, let’s not forget housing and financial aid forms which can not only be recorded, they can be captured, indexed, and recorded into a central database or DMS (like Content Central).

With CapturePoint, you can easily record grades, store medical forms, capture individual student service learning (SSL) forms, or any number of scannable documents. The possibilities are endless!


Parent Permission Forms

Site-Based Work Experience Agreement

Enrollment / Records

Authorization to Request / Release Student Records

Household Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals

New Student Information

Request for Change of School Assignment (COSA)

Request to Enroll Nonresident Student

Student Educational and Planning Worksheet

Student Record Request Form

Verification of Enrollment

Medical Card for Athlete

Physical Education Physician Contact Form

Summer School Registration

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