Government Document Scanning Software

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Industry Info

Efficiencies that let you reallocate recources where they’re needed

Governments are constantly looking for efficiencies that will allow them to reallocated much-needed resources to programs and departments that need it most. With CapturePoint at the helm, government scanning software has has become fundamentally more simplified. Scanning, classifying, indexing, routing, and even archiving documents, invoices, forms, and papers couldn’t be any easier.

Government document indexing software

Whether you set up custom classifications yourself, or hire our skilled engineered to spend a couple of days doing it for you, there is a whole new world of document automation that will change the way you handle paper. Given the right configuration, a single scan station can serve as a front end for onboarding new government employees, processing applications and forms, maneuvering through grants, routing office- or department-specific documents, or even just handling accounts payables and invoices. CapturePoint is designed to make mundane, process-intensive tasks almost hands-free.

Given all of the emphasis on greater efficiencies and accountability, isn’t it time you had a solution that takes government scanning software to the next level? CapturePoint can better manage all of the paperwork coming into your office on a daily basis. If you don’t think CapturePoint can fundamentally improve your government agency, office, or organization, download it for yourself for free and see what it can do.


Accreditation, FCC, FEMA Reports and Forms


Medicare Applications and Requests


FDIC Application Forms and Requests


Copyright and FTC Compliant Forms


IRS Forms, SSA Applications and Requests

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