Capturing Forms and Applications to Raise Hospitality Productivity

The hospitality industry is ever-increasingly moving towards greater efficiency in handling its business. From quickly identifying and classifying event agreements, to handling basic accounts payable invoices and off-site registrations, CapturePoint can streamline and automate your paper-based workflow and raise hospitality productivity levels. Another excellent use for CapturePoint is HR onboarding of new employees, simplifying the process of handling the tax forms, applications, resumes and other forms often submitted in large quantities within the industry.

From interior hiring of new personnel to correctly and automatically routing documents for planned events and conventions, CapturePoint can change how you handle incoming hospitality industry paperwork.

hospitality productivity

Credit Card Authorization Forms

Convention and Building-Use Applications

Employment Applications

HR Onboarding

Off-Site Reservations


Parking Permits

Tax Exemption Forms


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