Human Resources with CapturePoint

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Industry Info

HR Onboarding with CapturePoint

No matter if your business is small to medium, or a larger corporation, your human resources department has its work cut out for it when you hire and train new employees. HR onboarding software is becoming big business—and for good reason. Rather than a haphazard process, a great HR on boarding software solution gives you a strategic system to bring new employees into the organization and get them the


information, training and resources they need to be successful—and to meet all of the hiring obligations and complete all of the paperwork that entails. Starting at the point of receiving a signed employment offer or agreement, CapturePoint helps you all the way through tax forms, personal data, social security forms, parking permits, union paperwork, employment agreements, non-compete forms, 401(k) forms, salary packages, and health insurance documentation.

The HR onboarding process may begin when the employee accepts his or her offer, but it continues well past the hiring date. CapturePoint can take all of that paperwork and automate its digitization and distribution throughout the company. It can automatically recognize the different forms, and classify them for proper authorization or sign-off from department heads and supervisors.

CapturePoint not only makes it possible to simplify, automate, and speed-up the HR onboarding process for SMB’s, it also revolutionizes the way you store and retrieve records. Because CapturePoint can help you become more organized, HR files will be more readily available when needed, and even annual employee reviews can make use of the improved system. But don’t take our word for it—download CapturePoint software for free, and try it for yourself!


Employment Offers or Agreements


Personal Data and Salary Packages


Non-Compete Forms and Contracts


Union Paperwork and Parking Permits


401(k) Forms and Health Insurance Documentation


Social Security Forms and Tax Forms

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Application Processing Simplified

Whether it’s a rental agreement, credit account, or employment application, businesses are ever-increasingly receiving large numbers of documentation which needs to be properly 

classified, indexed, and routed to the appropriate department. CapturePoint can take a tremendous volume of paper documentation and simplify all of the required steps in order for application scanning and processing to take place. With CapturePoint, a stack of applications can be scanned, classified (by department, type, or application), and indexed—where all of the content is searchable and retrievable. Those applications can then be routed to the correct department or staff for additional processing. CapturePoint provides a revolutionary new way of capturing and processing paper applications that fundamentally reduces overhead, while allowing you to create greater efficiencies for your office staff.

CapturePoint uses a sophisticated OCR engine to quickly scan and map application fields and content, allowing you to process and organize your forms as well as route them to the correct department or personnel. Whether you’re processing 10 invoices a week or ten thousand, CapturePoint can truly streamline your office workflow and save your organization both time and money. Don’t believe us? Download CapturePoint software for free and power up your application processing today!



Automatically Classify and Index Applications


World-Class Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Capture Relevant Values and Field Data


Correctly Route Applications, Paperwork, and Forms


Complete Hands-Off Automation


Integration with Third-Party Applications

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