Streamlining Your Insurance Company Needs With Automated Capture

As an insurer, your industry likely deals with more forms than you care to count. Whether it’s health insurance, medical, automobile, or life, there is a steady stream of incoming forms which need to be entered, classified, routed to the appropriate department, and indexed. CapturePoint serves as a front end insurance scanning software solution that will help you quickly and efficiently take all of your incoming documents and send them where they need to go. It captures all the necessary data and stores that information securely—if desired—in your ERP or document management system (DMS). Even better, connect CapturePoint with Content Central for a complete document management and capture solution that will streamline the way you do business and free you up to explore new levels of profitability and productivity.

From statements, applications, and audits, to claims and HR onboarding of new personnel, CapturePoint will correctly and automatically scan and send documents to the appropriate department or personnel. Click and download CapturePoint for FREE, and try it out for yourself to see how it can be used as your insurance scanning software solution to fundamentally change the way you process paper forms and documents.

insurance scanning software

Appraisals and Inspections

Change of Name / Address

Claims and Adjustments

Disaster Claims

Employee Tax Forms

Employment Applications

Field Claims and Reports

HR Onboarding

Insurance Applications

Insurance Renewal Forms

Tax Forms

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