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The legal profession can focus on a number of specialized areas, including real estate, criminal law, civil law, estate planning, medical law, and more. Each of these areas has its own unique set of related forms, paperwork, and document capture and document management challenges. The one uniting factor, however, is that CapturePoint can function as legal scanning software and handle it all. It is industry-agnostic and can be easily configured or programmed to take virtually any paper document and capture, classify, index, and route it where it needs to go—all without supervision. That kind of automated document workflow is worth its weight in gold and can save considerable time and money for both small and medium legal offices looking to optimize staffing, or even large corporations who deal with tens of thousands of documents each week.

Besides handling the many legal documents that go through the office, CapturePoint can also take care of employment applications, health insurance claims, tax forms, and a whole host of other internal document processing and capture needs that will also save time and money. This allows your staff to spend more time helping the business be more profitable. While we’re certain that CapturePoint can positively change the way you work for the better, sometimes you just have to experience it for yourself. Download CapturePoint for FREE, and try it out in your office or business today.

legal scanning software

Construction Agreements

Corporate Formation and Dissolution Forms

Deeds and Transfers

Employee Confidentiality Agreements

Employment Applications

Estate Planning Forms and Revisions

General Contracts

HR Onboarding

Name Changes

Personnel Files

Power of Attorney & Living Wills

Real Estate Contracts and Planning

501(c)(3) Applications

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