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With the move to digital record-keeping that is well underway throughout the health care industry, making sure all of your paperwork is correctly digitized, classified, and—when practical and possible—indexed, makes a whole lot of sense. The vast paperwork associated with health care administration all but necessitates a more efficient, streamlined system for organizing everything from patient records to HIPAA forms or examination notes. There is, it seems, very little room for the traditional methods of paper documents and manually-searched files. As health care administration gets more and more demanding, you need solutions that can relieve your workload and increase workforce efficiency.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to jump through tons of hoops to adapt to yet another system. CapturePoint adapts to the way you do business. With a touch-screen interface and easily defined classification rules, you can, quite literally, drop a ream of papers into your scanner and allow CapturePoint to correctly digitize, classify, sort, index, and route those documents where they need to go. CapturePoint can help improve your office by removing repetitive document tasks and automating them in a way that increases productivity.

health care administration

Advanced Healthcare Directive Forms

Continuation Exam Records


Exam Records

HR Onboarding

Insurance Claim Forms

Internal Medicine Exam Records

New Patient Registrations

Patient Service & Account Records

Specialized Dental, Podiatry, Chiropractic, etc. Forms

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