Non-Profits and Document Indexing Software with CapturePoint

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Industry Info

Leverage Capture Software to Minimize Overhead Costs

Nonprofit organizations tend to wear many hats, and having to deal with donations and contributions as well as accounts payable can be a tremendous amount of work. When you utilize CapturePoint to its fullest, you enable your staff to take on roles that are more productive to your organization’s core goals. You also supercharge your nonprofit document management capabilities.

non-profits and document indexing sofrtware with capturepoint

CapturePoint can quickly capture incoming AP invoices, recognize them, pull out payee and amount information, send the invoice to the correct department or person, and do it all without any interaction besides scanning a page.

In a non profit organization, not unlike any business, there is a particular desire to optimize the way you utilize your staff so as to better achieve the company’s goals in an efficient and responsible manner. CapturePoint’s automated and intelligent capture software can handle all of those document management task you would normally do manually and with lots of human interaction. We’re so positive CapturePoint can change the way your nonprofit functions for the better, we’ve provided a FREE download of CapturePoint so you can try it out for yourself.


Accounts Payable Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Bank Statements


Donation and Contribution Letters


Event Responses and Repondez, s'il vous plaît (RSVP)


Health Insurance Invoices and Statements


501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status Forms

Ready to try it for yourself?

There's no cost to get started. Download CapturePoint for FREE and get 1,000 scans to see the power first hand.


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