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While accounts payable are a no-brainer for document management, there’s also a use for good management of your accounts receivable invoices as well. By automatically matching up incoming payments and receipts with the correct AP invoices you can really cut overhead costs and bring automation and reduced workflow to a new level. As paid invoices come in, they need to be matched with job numbers and processed in your system. Each vender may have a unique format for its payments, but that’s not a problem for CapturePoint, which can quickly and easy classify incoming payments and route them to the appropriate person—after classifying the invoice and capturing the data, of course. Automation of scanning accounts receivable invoices, including the classification and indexing of those documents, can be done by setting up and defining areas on the page, or text phrases that trigger particular responses on the part of the software. And, since CapturePoint uses sophisticated comparison algorithms, multiple phrases and zones can be utilized to ensure accuracy and repeat-ability of your automated AP invoice processing.

When CapturePoint quickly scans and indexes content, it does so with the included powerful OCR engine, mapping customer data as well as project information and invoice amounts. Your accounting department never had it so easy! Choose CapturePoint to streamline your office flow and create a brand new and automated accounts payable scanning solution for routing and processing incoming invoices and payments. Your productivity will soar, and your overhead costs will plummet as a result. Download CapturePoint software for free today!

scanning accounts payable invoices

Automatically Match Payments with Invoices

Index Client, Job, and Invoice Data On-the-Fly

World-class OCR Engine for Fast, Accurate Conversion

Automated Classification and Indexing with Rules

Increase Productivity with Hands-free Automation

Simplify Processing of Accounts Receivable Documents

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Invoice processing and automation

Invoice Processing

Processing accounts payable invoices is a huge part of any business, and the number of AP invoices that come in on a daily basis can be overwhelming. CapturePoint is unique, and scanning accounts payable invoices automatically lets you identify critical invoice information such as vendor, invoice number, job number, payment terms, and amounts due—all hands-free. It can also separate incoming invoices by department, ensuring that accounts receivable is getting its invoices pre-sorted to facilitate better prioritization and office efficiency.

Lastly, CapturePoint can capture critical data by scanning accounts payable invoices and matching that information to job numbers, allowing for near-automated job costing and budgeting for critical projects. Instead of a manual scanning, filing, and paper-dissemination process, CapturePoint can produce fantastic results simply by front-end scanning incoming invoices and letting the system handle the rest.

Accounts payable and invoice processing may not be a glamorous job, but it’s an integral part of any company. Increasing the efficiency of your invoice processing by scanning accounts payable invoices automatically could be the difference between runaway overhead costs and turning your accounts payable department into a well-oiled machine. Better job costing equals better profit potential, and CapturePoint can help make it happen.

Basic Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable

Linking Invoices / Job Numbers for Costing

Capturing Invoice Data for ERP or DMS

Reducing Overhead

Automated Invoice Capture / Routing / Archival

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