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CapturePoint can improve your business’ bottom line in a number of ways. As a front-end business scanning solutions system it can simplify the way you process invoices or other received documents. In companies with a larger accounts payable department this can be the difference between hiring additional dedicated processing staff, or gaining efficiencies that let you be more productive and reduce overhead.

For companies hiring or processing lots of employees, CapturePoint’s business scanning solutions can aid in speeding up HR onboarding tasks like receiving, capturing, routing, and filing resumes, W-9, and I-9 files automatically. With CapturePoint you get two primary benefits that aren’t mutually exclusive; simplicity and power.

Simplicity means you don’t have to know a lot or do much to get the system to correctly route and scan documents—and Ademero’s engineers can configure the software to do much of what you need automatically. Alternatively, the power of CapturePoint means that you can scan documents and classify and index them as needed on-the-fly. No matter how you choose to work, CapturePoint will improve and maximize your business capture needs and optimize your workflow.

business scanning solutions

Configurable for "Hands-Off" Automatic Invoice Processing

Easily Classify Documents

World-class OCR Engine

Definable Field Capture for Fool-proof OCR and Indexing of Scanned Documents

Fully Searchable Data

Available Engineering Support Options for Limitless Configurability and Automation

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