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CapturePoint is the perfect scanner automation software for capturing, classifying, indexing, and routing documents in just about any type of industry. The fact is, with the powerful OCR capabilities and ease of customization, CapturePoint adapts to your particular business needs faster than most new hires.

Take a look at just a few of the industries where CapturePoint’s adept document scanning, capture, and processing can increase your productivity and save your bottom line. With CapturePoint scanner automation software, you’ve got a whole new way to raise productivity regardless of what industry you’re in. Don’t see info about your industry here? Contact Ademero today to learn more!




CapturePoint Document Indexing Software for Industries.

Interested in learning more about Ademero’s CapturePoint software for your business, industry, or department? Select a solution on the right to learn more.

Accounts Payable

Intelligently identify document types and critical invoice information like vendor name or invoice number—all hands-free.


Leverage the Ademero AI to intelligently identify and index documents then send to a DMS or other 3rd party software.


Recognize, index, and route appraisals, investment statements, tax returns, forms, and more – then route to a DMS or 3rd party system with SOX compliance.


Automatically identify, index, and organize everything from patient records to forms or examination notes – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. 


Intelligently handle applications, audits, and claims, then send to the appropriate department or personnel, a DMS or ERP.


Save staff resources with intelligent indexing software that recognizes and routes documents automatically – all without human interaction.

Human Resources

Automatically recognize and classify new hire forms, training packets and other documents, index them, then send to DMS for next steps.


Automate yearly and daily form processing to get student records into a digital format that meets FERPA compliance.


Process applications and submissions, route office or department-specific documents, or use form capture to streamline customer service.


Identify and classify event agreements, handle accounts payable invoices and off-site registrations, and streamline your paper-based workflows.


Capture any paper document, contract, form, and files to intelligently classify, index, and route it where it needs to go.


Perfect for high-volume scanning, CapturePoint intelligently recognizes documents and data to quickly route and archive documents.

What about Compliance?

Check out our compliance walkthroughs to understand how our solutions empower users around the globe to meet any compliance requirements - from HIPPA, SOX, ISO, and more.